Additional Important League Info:

  • Forfeit Policy: Any team that forfeits twice will have to pay a $20 reinstatement fee to get back on the schedule. Fee must be paid by credit card before Saturday midnight to be on the next week’s schedule. Third forfeiture will result in removal from league. Avoid forfeits by showing up each week. You can play with 1 male and 1 female (or any 2 players in 4s) to avoid a forfeit. This policy is to insure that you have competition every week as scheduled.
    Pay Forfeit Fee
    if your team forfeited and you are not on schedule
  • All fees must be paid in full before start of 1st night.
  • Teams not paid in full will not be placed on schedule until fees are completely paid. (Teams may add players to roster anytime up to July 1, after 7/1 subject to league director’s approval)



  • 6 pm until sunset.
  • The first 2 full teams that arrive at the net play the 1st match of the night. If 2 teams are not ready to play by 6:30, then the 2 teams listed first on the schedule will start playing even if they are shorthanded. Follow that order the rest of the night even if it is different than the clipboard schedule



  • Will be placed online every Monday at noon. Please check the schedule date listed to make sure you have the proper schedule. Schedules are made up weekly based on your standing in the league. We will randomly mix up teams on the last week of play in June and July. Requests to play a specific team must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. We will try to accommodate such requests but cannot guarantee they happen.



  • 2s are for higher skilled players with tournament level abilities. 3s are for higher level players; 4s for intermediate to competitive players (4s teams can be any gender from 4 males to 4 females). Competitive sixes (C6s, coed with a 2:1 M:F ratio) are for intermediate to competitive level players. Recreational sixes (R6s, coed with a 2:1 M:F ratio) are for beginning players.
  • Teams may be moved between divisions during season based on record and captain’s requests, subject to league director’s discretion and availability of open spots



  • Awarded to top 4 teams in every division based on final standings except 3s, which have playoffs. Separate prizes awarded at September League Championship Tournament at Cedar Beach, Babylon



  • Teams will be assigned to a net each night and play against the other teams assigned to that net. The final winning team each night will return the completed schedule & results to the league director. It is the responsibility of each winning team to make sure that the scores are entered properly on the schedule sheet!!!. Results are published on our web site weekly for all captains to check. Last losing team each night must bring in boundary ropes.
  • Rainouts: we play every week of the summer from Memorial Day until Labor Day. We plan that a night or two will be rained out during the season. Rained out nights will not be made up. See league manual for rainout policy


Weekend Tournaments:

  • Doubles League players (Wednesday & Friday at Cedar) entry fee includes $25 reimbursement/player at any Long Island 2s weekend tournament entry, pre-registration for tournaments required). Using the 2 reimbursements/player will keep the doubles league fees at the same level as 2015. Please note that the goal of the doubles league is to encourage players to compete in weekend tournaments. You cannot get the free entry as a walk-on.
  • League players may compete in any weekend tournament (men or women’s B on Sat., Coed B on Sundays) for $10/player. Participate in tournaments every weekend all summer long.


League Championships:

  • All R4s, C4s and 6s teams will play off at the Beach Hut Long Island Beach Volleyball Championships at Cedar Beach, Babylon in Sept. Go to Upcoming Events for date. 2s teams can merge with other 2s teams and play in 4s championships. Teams with player overlap in 2 leagues or short players may combine for championships subject to EEVB approval. Costume Contest has been dropped unless 15 teams guarantee by Sept. 1 that they will be in costume.. Do not miss this fun final day of the beach volleyball season!


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