How to Register

5 steps to register your team

Roster Procedure: (All team players must have current AVP America Membership as described below)

  • Go to and log in (Captain needs to have current AVP America membership before the roster can be started).
  • Click on Schedule/Leagues and Select the Organization (East End Volleyball) and find the league site/night you are joining
  • Click Register, then select your division
  • If you are logged in, you will automatically be the first player (and captain) added to the team.  Enter a Team Name if you wish
      • (NOTE: EEVB will combine your team name with one of our sponsor’s names. For ex., if you were assigned “The Inn” as a team sponsor you could make it “The Inn Raiders”. All team names are subject to approval by EEVB, which means keep it clean and respectable but have some fun with it. Team names should be short to fit in with sponsors names. We will try to honor requests for you to be matched up with one of our sponsor names of your choice. Leagues are partially funded by local businesses that lend their name to our program. Any team desiring its own sponsor’s name will be charged $100 in addition to regular team fee.)
    • Click Register to enter your team and be returned to the EEVB How to Register page.
    • To add players to your roster anytime click the link to your Player Profile Page, where all your league teams will be listed. The player profile page is the page you start at after logging in or by clicking “Player Login” under the Membership drop down list. PLEASE BE SURE ALL PLAYERS ALSO ADD THEIR T-SHIRT SIZES IN THEIR PROFILE
    • Click on the edit link for the league to add players to your roster. All players must have a current AVP America membership # in order to be added to your roster.
    • Enter the Last Name only of your teammates (enter the first 3 letters if you are unsure of the spelling)and click Search. A drop-down menu will appear.  Click it and select your player. (Do not enter first name, membership # or any other info).
    • The player will automatically be added to your roster.
    • When you are finished adding teammates, click “I’m Finished Adding Players”

NOTE: Players must have a current AVP America membership to be listed/added.

WHEN FINISHED SEND AN EMAIL telling us your roster is complete and include a screenshot of the completed roster from
    • Can’t Find Your Roster? Go to your “Player Login” page and all your teams are listed at the bottom under Current Leagues. You can always edit your roster from that link.
    • New Players can be added to the roster until July 4


If you have any questions/problems send email to

Mandatory AVP America (formerly Volley America) Memberships

(Required for all players): $21.20/player if done online or $25 if done at the beach which is strongly discouraged. Membership covers 1 calendar year from 1/1 to 12/31.

(Teams will not be placed on the schedule until roster is submitted with AVP America membership #’s for all players.

  • Click AVP America (formerly Volley America) Registration to get membership # then add to team roster. You can find a player’s # online at AVP America Registration. Click on Membership/Find My Member #
  • ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE AVP America # before your team will be scheduled for THE FIRST NIGHT OF PLAY
  • AVPAmerica is a grassroots organization designed to give back benefits to players while promoting beach volleyball throughout the US. AVP America will help support players of all levels including league players. The end of the season championship event will now be open to teams from around the US and will be capped with an after play party not to be missed, all coordinated through AVP America.
  • Check the Member List to see if your teammates have registered. Enter your teammates last name in the search bar. If the name is not found, they don’t have a membership. If the name appears in red, the membership is expired. If the name is in green, they have an active membership.

Pre-registered teams will be listed on the standings page showing:

  1. How many spots are left in each division
  2. If your team has
    • Paid in full
    • Sent in a COMPLETED roster
    • Sent in AVP America membership #s for all players on roster


Team names: League Sponsor titles will be assigned by EEVB to your team name.

  • Leagues are partially funded by local businesses that lend their name to our program. Any team desiring its own sponsor’s name will be charged $100 in addition to regular team fee.
Sponsors: 4C Iced tea – Drink Mix – Energy Stix, Bethpage Federal Credit union, South Shore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Wilson Volleyballs, Unsinkable Polarized Sunglasses, AC Sports Commission, Resorts Atlantic City Casino, Margaritaville AC, Land Shark Bar & Grill, ROX Volleyball, Sand Socks, Dig Magazine, Sportime, AVP America, South Shore Outdoors,, Park & Sun Net Systems, Media Barrel, Vino Crawl, SportsYou, Forza, South Shore Outdoors
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