Tiana Beach Junior Beach Volleyball Programs

2021 EEVB Junior Program at Tiana Beach, Hampton Bays, NY

For Weather Updates get the SportsYou app and enter code R4YYQQGY for the Tiana Beach  Wednesday group.


  1. Get or Renew AVP Membership.
    1. Creating a New Account for Under 18 Player:
      1. Parents will need to get a FREE Basic Membership HERE if parent/guardian does not already have a membership of their own
      2. Once you have created your parent/guardian account, on your
        profile page, click the dropdown menu with your name on it and
        select “Create linked account”
      3.  If your child is just competing in a league or club, select
        Bronze. If your child is competing in any weekend tournaments,
        select Silver. If your child plans to compete at Junior
        Nationals/Beach Week, East Coast Championships or West Coast
        Championships, select Gold.
      4. Enter your child’s information. You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your account.
      5. Follow the prompts to complete the payment
    2. Renewing an Existing Under 18 (U18) Account
      1. U18 members need to log-in to their current account  on AVP.com and complete the security questions listed on their Account Settings page. These security questions will help protect the minor from allowing any adult to gain access to their profile and personal information
      2. Parent/Guardian – Create a Basic (free) membership for yourself here. You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your child’s account. OR login to your existing account at AVP.com
      3. Once you have created your account, on your profile page, click
        the dropdown menu with your name on it and select “Link existing
      4. Enter your child’s information as it is listed on their account and answer the security question correctly
      5. The U18 membership will then successfully be linked to the parent account, giving the parent/guardian full access to the U18’s account through their own AVP account/portal.
      6. It’s important to note that linked parent accounts are the only ones able to renew and/or upgrade memberships for U18 members. This can be handled by a parent logging into their own AVP account, clicking into their linked child’s account, and renewing/upgrading via the Account Settings page.
      7. Once the accounts are linked to renew your child’s membership, follow these steps
      8. On your profile page, click the dropdown menu with your name on it and select your child’s name under “Linked Accounts”
      9. This will take you to her profile page – make sure you see their name, it should say ‘Child’s Name’ Account at the top
      10. Click the blue Renew button
      11. If your child is just competing in a league or club, select Bronze. If your child is competing in AVPA promoter-run tournaments (your local events), select Silver. If your child hopes to compete at Junior Nationals/Beach Week, East Coast Championships, or West Coast Championships, select Gold.
      12. Follow the prompts to complete the payment
  2. Register for the program HERE and pay fee online or mail check to EEVB, PO Box 49, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
  3. See Pre-registered players
  4. Show up at Tiana Beach on June 9. Your registration fee includes a beach volleyball, league t-shirt (Add your t-shirt size in your AVP America player profile) and 10 weeks instruction.

Dates: Wednesdays June 9 – August 14, 10 weeks

Join the EEVB Wednesday Night Girls and Boys Clinic Program at Tiana Beach, Hampton Bays, NY)

Fee: $190/player ($170 if paid by May 25) includes a volleyball and t-shirt for
each player

Players (Aged 8-18 yrs old) will be broken up by skill level. Ages are used as a starting point to break players into groups but players will be moved around based on skill as season progresses

Head Coach: Joe Green (experience listed below):
Northfork Beach VB: 3yrs
SWAT Beach VB Club: 5yrs
LYSA: Longwood HS – 2yrs indoor
Remsenburg Elem School: after school program- 1yr

The program’s goal is to teach basic volleyball skills in a non-competitive
environment. Any games played will be without scoring to avoid placing too
much pressure on winning, rather to focus on performing. All divisions will
have coaches teaching players the basic skills. The first part of the
evening will include a coaching session followed by organized games for
players to practice their new skills. Players may be moved during the season
as their skills improve. Coaches will have high school, college level
coaching and tournament experience.

 GET THE SportsYou APP and then join the SportsYou EEVB group for your league. In case of cancellation by rain we will post a message on the EEVB Facebook page and SportsYou after 4 pm if the league is cancelled. And we will send a Tweet that will show up on the Twitter feed on the EEVB.net web site. We will not leave messages on the answering machine anymore because the leagues have grown so large that the
machine cannot properly work with that many calls all at the same time. We make our decisions based on the radar map on the Weather Channel and not on anything written or broadcast elsewhere. Most of the time when the weather is bad in the afternoon it will clear up by the 6 pm starting time.

NOTE: If the weather is questionable, we do not necessarily send out a message at
exactly 4 pm. If it looks like a line of showers is coming through, we may wait an hour to see how it develops. We error on the side of playing while trying not to inconvenience players. It is not easy but our record of making the right decision is good. Rainouts are unusual.

Affiliation: AVP America
AVP Memberships are required for all players. AVP has restructured their memberships. If you only play in Junior clinics/training programs, get the $15 BRONZE membership. If you plan to play any weekend tournaments (doubles or 4-player), you will need the $25 SILVER membership. Parents must obtain memberships for players under 18. Parents need to register for the FREE AVP Basic membership. Parents can then register their child and have the child’s account linked to the parents account.

AVP America member # list: Go to AVPAmerica.com and click on Membership/Find My membership # to find your # and to renew. If you are listed there in Red you must renew. Green means your membership is current. AVP America is a grass roots organization run by players to promote the sport for players of all levels.

PARKING: Free after 5 pm at Tiana Beach.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DONE ONLINE TO INSURE WE HAVE ALL OF THE PROPER INFO FOR EACH PLAYER. Players must be paid in full before first night of play.

No registrations will be accepted on the beach. Number of players accepted
will be limited due to net availability. Please get your registration in early to insure your spot.

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