Junior Beach Volleyball in conjunction with Sportime

Click for Pre-registered fully paid Juniors

There are 3 options for Juniors in an EEVB run league:

1. Enter a girls team in the Monday night Cedar Beach League at Cedar Beach, Babylon. Sign up as a full 6-player team and play against other girl’s teams.


2.  Sportime online for Jr Page Join the SPORTIME coached program at Cedar Beach and Long BeachTuesday Night Girls and Monday Boys Clinic Program at Cedar Beach, Babylon, and Weekday Junior Boys & Girls Program at Long Beach run by Sportime VBC Beach

3. Join the SPORTIME coached program Wednesday Night Girls and Boys Clinic Program at Tiana Beach, Hampton Bays, NY, Wednesday evenings June 8 – August 10 (10 weeks)

Click on Sportime Logo above to Register for Junior Programs.

Players will be broken up by skill level. Ages are used as a starting point to break players into groups but players will be moved around based on skill as season progressesDetails: The goal of the program is to teach players basic volleyball skills in a non-competitive environment. Any games played will be without scoring to avoid placing too much pressure on winning and to place focus on performing. All divisions will have coaches teaching players the basic skills. The first part of the evening will include a coaching session followed by organized games for players to practice their new skills. Players may be moved during the season as their skills improve. League will be run on lower nets to allow players to learn spiking and blocking skills as well as serving and defensive skills. Main coaches will have high school and college level coaching experience.

Mandatory Volley America Memberships (Required for all players): $15/player if done online. Membership covers 1 calendar year from 1/1 to 12/31.
ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE Volley America #’s before the 1st night of the league.

Volley America member list: to see your # after registration. Volley America is a grass roots organization run by players to promote the sport for players of all levels.

Free after 5 pm at both sites.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DONE ONLINE TO INSURE WE HAVE ALL OF THE PROPER INFO FOR EACH PLAYER. Players must be paid in full before first night of play.

No registrations will be accepted on the beach. Number of players accepted will be limited due to net availability. Please get your registration in early to insure your spot.

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