Junior Tournament Schedule and Info

Please see note at bottom about Juniors and what prizes they may receive:

Beach Tournaments: Boys & Girls schedule is listed on the Volley America site. Click on East End Volleyball; to see a list of all EEVB Tournaments and divisions offered. Juniors always play on Sunday

Schedule for EEVB events and all other Volley America promoters is available at Volley America; click on Spalding/Volley America Juniors in the left hand column

  • Beach Tournament Details: $30/player, 2 players per team
    includes a tournament t-shirt for each player
  • Divisions: Boys & Girls
  • Divisions: Age/Date of Birth breakdown (updated from previous years to use Sept. 1 as start date for yearly age breakdown
    • 18 and Under Division:
    • 16 & Under
    • 14 & Under
    • 12 & Under
  • Times: check in 9 am Sunday, play at 10. Playoffs should be finished by 4 pm
  • Prizes: merchandise prizes supplied by
    Spalding Volleyballs, King of the Beach, Rider Sandals, Reflekt Polarized Sunglasses, Sand Socks by Vincere, 4C Energy drinks, Dig Magazine and and other sponsors.
  • Samples: Powdered soft drink samples supplied by 4C Totally Light 2GO
  • Remember to bring:
    • Spalding All Weather Volleyball
    • Sunscreen (face & lips) or umbrella or hat
    • Water or other fluids
    • Food
    • Clothing for all conditions from wind, rain or heat. Conditions can vary in the same day.
    • Sunglasses
    • Sandsocks
    • Chair
  • Play Beach Volleyball This Summer!
  • Prizes: This information
    below is from the NCAA manual for Div. 1 amateur athletes which can be found online at NCAA Resources

This section says that it is OK for players who have not yet enrolled in a University to receive prize money and prizes up to the cost of their expenses (travel and entry fee). The wording is very convoluted. We have been told over the phone that this is the case. We are working on getting this in writing from the NCAA (so far unsuccessfully).


16.1.1 Application of Awards Legislation. Prior to Enrollment. Awards received by an individual prior to enrollment shall conform to the rules of the amateur sports organization that governs the competition, but may not include cash that exceeds actual and necessary expenses (see Bylaw Awards Received by a Student-Athlete While Enrolled as a Full-Time Student. The awards limitations of Bylaw 16.1 apply to awards received by a student-athlete while enrolled during the academic year (from the beginning of the fall term through completion of the spring term, including any intervening vacation period) as a regular student in a minimum full-time academic load, or awards received by a student-athlete while representing the student-athlete’s institution at any other time. Such awards may not include cash, gift certificates, gift cards that are redeemable for cash (original amount or any balance thereof), a cash-equivalent award (an item that is negotiable for cash or trade or other services, benefits or merchandise) for athletics participation, or a country club or sports club membership. (Revised: 4/28/10) Student-Athlete Not Regularly Enrolled. Awards received by a student-athlete participating in an event while not enrolled as a regular student during the academic year, or received during the summer while not representing his or her institution, shall conform to the regulations of the recognized amateur organization that governs the competition. Such awards may include gift certificates and gift cards, but may not include cash. (Revised: 4/28/10) Exception—Prize Money Outside the Playing Season During the Summer Vacation Period—Individual Sports. In individual sports, a student-athlete may accept prize money that does not exceed his or her actual and necessary expenses, pursuant to Bylaw (Adopted: 4/30/09) Olympic Games. It is permissible for a student-athlete to receive a nonmonetary award associated with participation in the Olympic Games at any time regardless of when the Games are held or whether the student-athlete is enrolled as a regular student during the academic year. (Adopted: 11/1/00) After Completion of Athletics Eligibility. Awards limitations apply to enrolled student-athletes who have exhausted their collegiate athletics eligibility. An institution shall be held responsible through the Association’s

enforcement procedures for the provision of improper awards to graduating seniors by the institution or its booster organizations. Awards to graduating seniors may not include cash, gift certificates, gift cards that are redeemable for cash (original amount or any balance thereof), a cash-equivalent award (an item that is negotiable for cash or trade or other services, benefits or merchandise) for athletics participation, or country club or sports club membership. (Revised: 4/28/10) Cash or Equivalent Award. Cash, or the equivalent thereof (e.g., trust fund), as an award for participation in competition at any time, even if such an award is permitted under the rules governing an amateur, noncollegiate event in which the individual is participating. An award or a cash prize that an individual could not receive under NCAA legislation may not be forwarded in the individual’s name to a different individual or agency. (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

EEVB Sponsors: 4C Iced tea – Drink Mix – Energy Stix, Spalding King of the
Beach Volleyballs, Rider Sandals, Reflekt Polarized, AC Sports Commission,
Resorts Atlantic City Casino, Margaritaville AC, Land Shark Bar & Grill, Venus.com Swimwear, Sand Socks by Vincere,
Dig Magazine, Sportime, Volley America, South Shore
Outdoors, CORA Sports Medicine, e-Blasting.com, Park & Sun Net Systems



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