2017 Long Beach, NY Volleyball Leagues

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Registration starts January 21, 2017. Be sure to “Like” the EEVB Facebook page to hear about league details first.

2017 leagues will run 1 week longer than previous years at Long Beach
+ 20 courts added on Monday night for Recreational 6s

Looking for a team? Captain looking a single player? Go to the FACEBOOK Single Players Forum



Divisions 1st night Last night
& League Party
New in 2017: EEVB will run 20 courts on Monday Night
 R6s  June 5  Aug. 28  6 pm until sunset
Tuesday R6s, C4s May 30 Aug. 29 6 pm until sunset
Wednesday C6s, R6s, C4s May 31 Aug. 30 6 pm until sunset

Dates: are listed on the standings page for each league and include any days off for holidays.

August 26: EEVB League Championship Tournament at Long Beach. All league divisions play on Saturday: Register (We realize this event is the weekend before the league ends. We do not want to run this event on Labor Day Weekend because many people already have other plans)

September 23: Volley America League Championship Tournament at The Beach Hut, Cedar Beach, Babylon.

  • All teams from all Volley America leagues are eligible
  • Free Entry Fee
  • Best After Play Party of the Season

Click for Post-play Party Schedule: Each night we encourage players to attend the after-play party at Minnesota’s, The Saloon, Speakeasy & The Inn

Divisions:Divisions: R6s is recreational level teams with loose rules; C6s is competitive 6s where the rules are more strictly enforced; C4s is the strongest division where rules are even more strictly enforced and players should have the best skills on the beach


(enter 1 Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY 11561 into MapQuest for a map to site)
From Long Island: Southern State Pkwy to Meadowbrook Pkwy south to Loop Pkwy. Right at end onto Lido Blvd (changes to Park Ave) Left at Riverside Blvd to ocean, free parking.


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To dispute a result please have the captain only send an email to the person handling your league listed below mentioning:

o The night you play

o Your division and captain

o What the question is

Those people will then check and correct the result or bring the result sheet to the next league night to show you what was recorded.
Many times we will email a copy of the result sheet to you. Remember we can only record results as they are marked on the sheet. Or you can ask the EEVB staff member at the check in table at your league. They have the past results sheets with them and can show you the sheet to see where the problem is.

For Long Beach: Contact Lynn at


QUESTIONS. Any other questions should be directed to EEVB at


There is a very good description of beach rules and how to interpret them put out by USAV which you can download at www.eevb.net/USAV_Beach_Referee_manual_28_Jan_10.pdf The only violation that EEVB will not follow is the touching the net rule. In EEVB events any touch of the net is a violation.


Note about rosters and subs for the playoffs: The goal of the leagues is to foster good, honorable competition on the volleyball court with every team following the spirit of fair competition. Players/teams should strive to reach their highest level of competition in a fair sportsmanlike manner. Winning is important but it should be far from the ultimate goal. This is not the Pros and the prizes are not really worth that much. Even bragging rights, while fun, are not worth winning at all costs.

Too often it seems like we have minor problems with subs and rosters at the playoffs. We could run attendance on every team every night, give every player an ID card which you need to scan every week (tough luck if you forget to bring it). Or maybe have each team send in a picture of their entire team each week just to make sure that all players have competed at least 3 times during the season before the playoffs. And if someone is not on the roster but played all season they would be disqualified from the playoffs for a bureaucratic oversight.

The real goal is just to have fair and fun competition. EEVB has followed the same general approach over the years of good sportsmanship and competition and that no one tries to game the system, which is mostly what has happened over the past 38 years. We expect teams to be looking to win in a fair and honorable manner. I expect every team to submit their rosters on time. That teams will not “sneak” in a player, especially a ringer, for the playoffs. That teams with a legitimate problem such as a late season injury will contact us about adding a new player of equal or lower skill level to their roster. That all teams will follow a path of good sportsmanship as they strive to reach their best performance. This is what most of the teams already do and this is the way that everyone should act.

I guarantee that we will all know and appreciate which players/teams do follow this path. And we will all know who does not which cannot make winning the wrong way worth it.


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